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I deserve this

I'm feelin' so many things inside, I deserve this, This money bring tears to my eyes, I deserve this If you knew what I've been through You would understood what it took All these stones that they throwin' at me When they should just pray, but it's still all good, I deserve this I've been goin' through so much, I reversed itWho knew that I would make it this far? I rehearsed thisAnd them diamonds don't mean shit to meI just wear 'em all as a reminderNobody upliftin' meFuck it, I'm a sole survivorAnd I would trade it all, just to see my pops one more timeAnd to roll one with you 'cause I miss you so muchPeople see the fameBut the shame is it don't feel the same when it's all said and doneThat pain been callin'I look in the mirror and I feel this scarrin'Feel so unwantedWith myself, I'm warrin'I'm feelin' so many things insideI deserve thisThis money bring tears to my eyeI deserve thisIf you knew what I've been …