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Goodbye to the old me

NF - Remember This  Song from NF's album Perception  - this album is full of real life CHORUS Yeah, they say when we grow up You'll understand when you're older ...... Guess I'm still a kid, I don't know if If I'll ever let go of this (Yeah) Say goodbye to the old me We ain't friends anymore, you don't know me (Real music) I know I could die any moment If I do just remember this Verse 1  Yeah, handouts create lazy people I'm not impressed with... You want something in life, then why don't you go and get it?  Actions speak louder than words do, it's pretty quiet, isn't it? Look at the world we live in, defined by comment sections (Whoa) Surround yourself with people that challenge how you think... Not people that nod their head and act like they agree Those people will cut you open just to watch you bleed Always be yourself, not the person that you preten.d to be, no! These people gon' tell you that you won&#