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Deserve Better

__ BMike - I Deserve Better This song reflects on the effect of carrying pain from previous relationships to a new one. [Verse 1] Don't you tell me this ain't what you want, nah yeah (Oh yeah) We almost had it, we were almost there (Almost) These apologies are overdue Now it's too late because I'm over you (Over you, over you) Yeah, she's over me, now I want her back I don't even wanna tell her that Maybe it's pride, maybe it's ego Maybe the fact is I'm still attached Maybe I do need to let it go Maybe I just need the time to grow Cuz' she was so focused on loving me And I was focused on models and centerfolds [Pre-Chorus] Issues with commitment Issues with the distance Issues with these issues cuz' he's fucked up with his feelings Problems with emotion Problems with devotion And when he left her, this is what she told him [Chorus] I deserve better You should've treated me better Should've but couldn't,