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Jucee Froot - Fed Up

HOOK:   Yeah i know your fed up, fed up with the phonies You can never settle, gotta the bread up Momma keep ya head up, living in the ghetto Things is gon get better, just watch it when i tell ya Yeah i know ya fed up, fed up But things is gon get better, i tell ya Baby just keep ya head up, ya head up You are not a failure Things is gon better, things is gon get better Verse 1: Rent due, light bills too Got four kids that's up in one room No new ni**a she ain’t even got room Can't you tell her what is yo use She barely gotta a roof Shit they finna put her out Kids clothes outgrew And they sleeping on the couch Running in and out Now the time running out And she really got doubts She just looking at the clouds Can't feed into negativity But her son is up in captivity She just prays for the simple things Asking why lord you won’t answer me Then he spoke to her in her sleep Say i know what's meant and what's not to be All you go