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Getting Through Hard Times: Music Week- Day 4

T.I. featuring Chris Brown -  Get Back Up "And when they push you down, you got to get back up And when they push you down, you got to get back up Push the dirt off your jersey, then go for the cup Or the trophy or the ring, champion no matter what 'Cause when you got the belt and the ring People with ya poppin' bottles, takin' pictures, look around As soon as you fall down all the haters pass a judgment All eyes on me, I'm here to show that I'ma rise above this "My road to redemption has no GPS So guess the time must be invested for this to be manifested How dare you sit right there and act as if you holier than thou Point your finger now with me looking down" " Never mind my imperfections this is fact, remember that No mistake's too great to recover and bounce back" And you can love me, or you can leave me Before you judge me, just let me be me And you can love me or either leave me Bef