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Be Yourself Music Week- Day 5

Rhianna - Half of Me "We all start somewhere, its where you end up is what counts!" "Yeah I guess you saw me stealing, but you've no idea what I've been needin' Talk about when we were children, not the kind of kid that you believe in You saw me on the television, saw me on the television But that's just the half of it, yeah you saw the half of it This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it" "Saw me on the television, hanging out my dirty linen You're entitled to your own opinion Sit and shake your head at my decision I guess the kind of songs that I've been singing Make it seem as if I'm always winning But you saw me on a television Yeah you saw me on a television"  "Oh you know me I'm the life of the party Beautiful people surround me Everybody falling in love Oh you know me, everybody knows that I'm crazy Sticks and stones they never break me And I&