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Showing posts from June 5, 2016

Focus on Yourself Music Week- Day 6

Mary J Blidge Take Me As I Am "Shes been down and out,  shes been wrote about  shes been talked about constantly, She has no regrets, She accepts the past its all these things they helped her make she" "Now she's older now, Yes, she's wiser now....Can't disguise her now..... She don't need.....No one tellin' her.....What to do and say....No one tellin' her...Who to be, She's on solid ground....She's been lost and found....Now she answers to G-O-D"

Powerful Music

Machine Gun Kelly featuring Victoria Monet - A Little More "I wish it was ok to let the world know, that it's ok to let the pain show, and even though it seems bad It always rains before the rainbow" "I screamed at the top of my lungs/but my voice couldn't save this home/ your proud of the guns you hold/ what's left now/ where do we go?"