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Beyoncés NEW song - Lemonade

Beyoncé - Lemonade This saw is amazingly Raw yet polished, beautiful yet ugly, but  Definitely   ALL Beyoncé! Beyonce's new song, she reveals hints of how Jay Z cheated on her in her new " Lemonade " Album. Rooted in the heart of Lemonade is a dissection of cycles of violence (from the verbal, to the spiritual, to the physical) against women.  she attempts not only to unveil the emotional toil it has placed on her (like in the catchy “Love Drought” and the gorgeous “Sandcastles”), but also the ways it perpetuates in our community as a whole, and how she has managed to overcome the power of that same narrative. It might not be the solution for every woman, but it worked for her. Here's a sneak peak video recap of the songs on her new "Lemonade" album that she has been working on, she really puts Jay Z's indefinitely out there on these songs! The official music videos haven't been released yet, but Ill keep an eye out and post them when

Questioning Love that once was

Kayla Brianna  ft. Rich Homie Quan  - Do You Remember Kayla Brianna is set to become one of 2016’s breakout artists, I love this song, it says a lot about how relationships are these days, a lot of promises but then all of a sudden your wondering what happened and where you wrong.... "This feeling used to be everything I look forward to, nowadays  I don't feel like I don't know you anymore."  "I wish I knew who you really were, still looking for some answers for how you treated me baby- how could you treat me this way" K. Michelle - Not A Little Bit I love K.Michelle's new single,Strong hook, relatable lyrics, potent production, and a powerful vocal performance!  "There is nothing left to say, Going back was my mistake, and there can be no more next time, your out of my life; if you think I want you, not a little bit, if you think I need you not a little bit; I finally moved on I'm over it!"