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I will be Updating Blog Daily STAY TUNED!!

I realize I have not been posting on my blog in quite a while, but I will be revamping it and starting to update it daily with new therapy videos and articles to use as music therapy to help you cope with various situations in life! If you have any suggestions for types, categories that may interest you or others feel free to comment Id love to hear any input!! STAY TUNED!!!! Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get notification when I post new stuff!! 

Mind Therapy

B.O.B- John Doe "That what you'd judge I become, The path with the greatest resistance...That's how the tables can turn when they pivot and change your perspective and flip your entire position; My whole life I've been dying to wish and to live and experience everything possible, When I told them my dreams, they just said they ain't logical.....Now, I can see it - it's optical!"