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Success Therapy

Kid Cudi-  Pursuit of Happiness  Touching End Clip of Will Smith in  "Pursuit of Happiness Movie" FOLLOW YOUR HEART and live your dreams! You can do anything you put your mind and heart into, never give up or let anybody tell you different!! 

Dating Therapy-Statistics

Lyfe Jennings- Statistics  Relationships are hard, in this song Lyfe explains the sad statistics of men and how women have to deal with the issues now days; men do deal with the same type of problems though. However I do believe that if more men would stand up and be a man, that more woman would sit down and be a women!! *25% of all men are unstable  *25% of all men can't be faithful *30% of them don't mean what they say  *And 10% of the remaining 20 is gay  That leaves you a 10% chance of ever finding your mate *15% of all men got a complex  *15% of all men don't practice safe sex  *20% of them come from homes without a father  And there's a 50/50 chance that you'll marry a coward"