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May 31, 2015 Music Therapy Blog

  Rhianna- Half of Me This is a powerful song that recognizes that even though you think you may know somebody, you really only know the half of them and the struggles they deal with beyond what everyone can see. "When a door closes, you have two choices; Give up or keep going. Let them shut you down or prove them wrong! We all start somewhere, its where you end up that counts." - Rhianna Katy Perry- Part of Me This song by Katy Perry combines a few genres, such as dance and power pop and House Music. Its an inspirational song that describes a strong, protagonist female that wont let herself be broken after a bad brake up; her mental strength is a part of you that you should never let anyone take away from you because even though break ups may be hard, life still goes on.    Christina Aguilera- Beautiful   This is an inspirational song that empowers people to see their own self worth and beauty, even when the world can