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Showing posts from February 11, 2015

Social Media Therapy

  Shawn Bellon -  Anti Social Network ______________________________________ Every day millions of people log onto social media websites and apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. On average 6,000 tweets are  t weeted every second, which is nearly 50 million tweets per day! We all know that social media sites are entertaining  to look at and participate on and that they sometimes have useful purposes but because of the prevalence of them and their popularity, could there be real-life consequences? Have social media sites caused people today to become antisocial in the real world?  -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Music Therapy- 02/11/15

Music goes through it's phases, like a human being it has it's fads and it's moments where it just seems like it can’t get enough of a certain thing.                      Music flavors a certain genre at one point,     a certain lyric or a certain artist. Shontelle-  Impossible ______________________________________________________________________________  This song portrays how someone just gets tired of trying to make things work; and just focuses on herself and career instead of letting it get her down; this is an amazing song. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Eminem Featuring Sia- Guts over Fear _________________________________________________________________________________ This is an amazing and empowering song that can brings out honest reflection of the direction of life direction and even though its all you may know you shouldn't give up, being able to get over hard times in life molds you into wh