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Psychology of Music Preference

Psychology of Music Preference                                                                                              Facts about individual music preference:  Most people listen to a wide range of musical genres, especially now that music has become more accessible (cheap downloads, free streaming, easy sharing, youtube videos, etc).  The choice of a particular musical genre is driven mostly by our social- identity  (e.g., if you think of yourself as an intellectual you will like Jazz or Classical, if you see yourself as a rebel you will like Rock or Heavy Metal, although preference for Rock and Heavy Metal is more common today in middle aged IT programmers than in youth in revolt, and the intellectuals of tomorrow will probably listen to 50cc and Jay Z).                                             Age,  sex , and socio-economic status are more relevant than personality when it comes to explaining any genre-based preferences. The major function of mus

Music Therapy Day #44

Music Therapy- Day #44 November 30, 2013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I love music that can reflect your reality:        Women do go through a lot and I think that some women do tolerate too much.  Keri Hilson- Breaking Point