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Day #27 Music Therapy Blog

Music Blog August 27th, 2014 -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Milwaukee Artist's song talks about how people judge other's lives, when really they don't know the half of what they go through just to get by: Good message in this song.                       Young Toney- The Half of It


I use music as my therapy, it has helped me cope with various situations in my life that; whether I wanted to reminisce, get motivation, feel comforted, or just want to think positively about something that is on my mind; music has been there for me as a therapeutic tool.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music Therapy can be used for more than just spiritual purposes though as well; everyone is different and may require a different type of therapy for different issues they may be coping with CHECK OUT MY BLOG FEEDS, I WILL BE POSTING MOTIVATIONAL AND INSPIRATION MUSIC VIDEOS REGULARLY THAT I FEEL MAY HELP OUT IN VARIOUS WAYS. ANY COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME FOR IMPROVEMENT OF MY BLOGS.