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Day #15 Music Blog

Day #15
July 22, 2014

I love this new song by Nicki and Alsina!! Nicki quotes, "I'm here to save and them girls we ain't the same boo, you know I hate it when you leave me.....cuz you love it then you leave it, but you know how bad I need it!" 

              August Alsina & Nicki Minaj- No Love:


This is a good song by Beyonce, "Perfection is a disease of the nation, Trying to fix something but you cant fix what you cant see..... its the soul that needs a surgery."

                             BeyoncĂ© - Pretty Hurts: 


Amazing song, sometimes all you need to do is listen to build a stronger relationship, even through all of the ups and downs. 
                                    BeyoncĂ© - Listen


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