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Day #13 Music Blog

Day 14: Music Blog July 17, 2014 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone goes through stress in their lives, some people get to the point where they feel like they need someone to save them and help pick up the pieces that they have been building up on their way to follow their dreams:                                 Nicki Minaj- Save Me: ______________________________________________________________ Its funny how men play so many games with women; they don't know when they have a good thing, so they cheat and mess up and then when they see you doing good for yourself they want you back, sometimes you just need to tell them to move around:       Nicki Minaj Featuring Mariah Carey- Up Out My Face: _______________________________________________________________ There is only so much you can tolerate when it comes to love and after a while you start to see patterns in the relationship that you see aren't going to change, li