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MUSIC: Healthy Alternative to drugs

There are so many people who have addictions now days, because lets face it: Life can be stressful!! This can lead to drug use for many people...but Music is a healthy alternative that I wish more people would get addicted to; it would promote a safer environment for us to live. Music therapy continues to show its effectiveness as an alternative medicine. Not only has its been shown effective as a replacement to traditional treatments, it in some cases has proven to be more effective than traditional treatments. Despite its lack of popularity, Music therapy is an alternative to traditional medication that more people should consider. It seems like doctors now days are prescribing medications to patients for various reasons, but after researching how powerful Music Therapy can really be...I wish there were more Music Therapists that doctors could recommend their patients as an alternative to medication and regular therapy even. Honestly I think it could be more effective, if used in