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MUSIC: Why and How does it work as Therapy?

WHY AND HOW DOES MUSIC WORK AS A THERAPEUTIC TOOL? Music has a profound effect on your body and psychology in your mind and there is tons of research out there that can support this. Music Therapy is a continuously growing field; that in which uses music to heal a wide range of patients suffering from various disorders and is even used for pain management. In other words, music can drastically make your life better: **Socially** **Cognitively** **Physically** **Emotionally** **Developmentally**                    I would like to discuss is how music really has the ability to heal,                                                  when it is used correctly: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brain Waves:  Music with a strong beat stimulates brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat When the beat is faster it is able to promote sharper concentration;  Allowing you to think more alertly Where as a slower tempo: