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Showing posts from June 11, 2014

Music: Healing the Heart

Everyone goes through breakups and relationship hardships in their life at some point. One way I have found to help me get through those type of situations is by using music to fill the void I may be feeling. When you listen to certain love songs (I mean really take the time to listen to the lyrics) It can help you evaluate and weigh out the good and bad of the breakup or current relationship problems you may be having; which will essentially help to ease your mind you get through the pain and ease the heartache, it allows you to think about the positives or negatives about the relationship; whether you want it to be good or bad memories about who you broke up, rekindle the relationship or even to help you get over that person. Music seriously has the power to alter your mind and if you continue to listen to the right type of music to help you through your situation. I can literally listen to a song that is about love and loving them unconditionally, it will have me thinking that I s