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MUSIC: The Art of Healing Therapy

Music is therapeutic to one's soul; it can alter your mood, thought patterns, and trigger your memory. It has been proven to help people with Alzheimers, dementia, behavioral management issues and other chronic cognitive and physical impairments. The right type of music has the ability to boost their confidence; when they hear music that is motivating it uplifts them and temporarily takes them away from everything that they may dealing with in their personal life. With all of that being said, I want to discuss the topic of music therapy and bring up various topics as to why it can be used as a tool to inspire you in many different ways. Music allows us to deepen our thinking through a creative response to use our minds to wonder and hope for more, heal our wounds, tap into our imaginations, so that we can get the confidence to conquer anything that our hearts desire. Music Therapists use music to help their clients achieve progress towards their established goals, and work towar