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Would you still love me❤️

                Brian Nhira -Would you still love me? #RealLove #Loveme
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Miss Mulatto - I Remember

This industry will turn you cold, you gotta be prepared for all seasons🔥🔥

Find your good life!

Kehlani and G-Eazy - Good Life


“I feel glorious, got a chance to start again”

Be proud of you!

Turn your negative into positive, and be proud of yourself!

I deserve this

I'm feelin' so many things inside, I deserve this, This money bring tears to my eyes, I deserve this If you knew what I've been through You would understood what it took All these stones that they throwin' at me When they should just pray, but it's still all good, I deserve this I've been goin' through so much, I reversed it Who knew that I would make it this far? I rehearsed this And them diamonds don't mean shit to me I just wear 'em all as a reminder Nobody upliftin' me Fuck it, I'm a sole survivor And I would trade it all, just to see my pops one more time And to roll one with you 'cause I miss you so much People see the fame But the shame is it don't feel the same when it's all said and done That pain been callin' I look in the mirror and I feel this scarrin' Feel so unwanted With myself, I'm warrin' I'm feelin' so many things inside I deserve this This money bring tears to my eye I deserve this If you

Gawvi & Lecrae - Fight for me

                                                   This is such a powerful and inspirational song! See Lyrics below: [Pre-Chorus: GAWVI]   Yeah, yeah, I need You to fight for me When I don't know what I believe, hey, hey Why does everybody leave? Show me what it's like to dream [Chorus: GAWVI] Hey, go, you the best, ah Hey, say it with your chest high Hey, yeah, yeah, wave 'em high, side to side Let 'em know, we gon' rise, we gon' shine (Hey, hey, hey) I need You to fight for me (Yeah) I know You're my therapy (Yeah) I know why we fight It's just to know we try Ayy, yeah [Verse 1: GAWVI] Eyedrops, how do I start it off? Pullin' all these hours, trying to keep it all clear I got way too many thoughts Fighting these expectations, got me feeling stuck like Ayy, yeah, think I feel it all the time Ayy, yeah, did I really miss my prime? I don't know how to cope when I'm low But I know that You're close, that You're close I've been away,